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Kickapoo Australian Shepherds

Our introduction to aussies was through horses. Our shoer was always accompanied by his aussies and we fell in love with them. We got our first aussie in 1996 and have been hooked ever since. Kaitlin came to live with us and the fun began. We talked about showing Kaitlin and Kristie became Kaitlin's handler. We showed Kaitlin to her ASCA, AKC, and INTL Championships. In 1998 we registered the kennel name of Kickapoo Australian Shepherds. We have been blessed with wonderful dogs that are full of love and giving.

Our beginning in aussies was in the conformation ring. Kristie handled the dogs and Kathy did the behind the scenes work. There came a point when Kathy felt the need to become a handler. Since Kristie had the conformation part covered, Kathy entered the agility arena. Today our dogs compete in conformation, agility, stock. We look forward to the coming years of aussie fun in all venues, and maybe even rally!

The question asked is where does the name Kickapoo come from?

Kathy has two passions, dogs and family history. A great grandfather spent his youth in the Kickapoo Valley of WI. In his later years he traveled around the South peddeling Kickapoo Indian Sagwa. As we tried to find a kennel name that we could agree upon, we kept coming back to Grandpa Will's story. Kickapoo was a name we could agree upon. Kickapoo allowed us to tie dogs and family history together .